Tuesday, May 7, 2019

5 Types of Shower Doors for Small Bathrooms That You Should Know

For your small bathroom improvement project ,  you can  easily choose from endless variety and types of shower doors available in market including frameless shower doors and many other types.

Shower Doors for Small Bathrooms:

The bathroom is that one place of the house where you relax, unwind and powder over your whole day activity. The sight of lovely, neat and comfortable bathroom pumps new emery in you. Especially after taking a long, nice and relaxing shower. Nowadays, many people are remodeling their bathrooms and installing new shower doors that suit best according to their needs and bathroom requirements.

If you are thinking of replacing your shower door and are confused as to which one to install in your small bathroom, then do deep and thorough research on different types of shower doors and choose the one which fits perfectly well in your budget and washroom.

Here are different types of shower doors and their characteristics.

1- Bypass Door

These are becoming extremely popular among people who have small bathrooms. They are just like patio doors and are also known as sliding shower doors. They have two sliding glass panels that tend to slide on its allotted tracks that are attached to the shower enclosure. These doors can be installed on a bathtub and as well as on standalone showers. They are best for bathrooms with little space as their doors don’t swing rather slide on tracks.

2- Frameless Shower Doors

For a sleek, modern and fashionable look, it is highly recommended that you install frameless glass doors. They, no doubt make your bathroom look spacious and large due to their look and cut. These shower doors have towel bars that can be easily mounted through the glass of the shower door. The glass used in frameless shower door is actually very thick making it sturdy and unbreakable.
Frameless shower door

3- Bath Screen Door

These are also known as a bi fold or tri fold doors as they consist of numerous glass panels. In bath screen door, one panel is fixed while the other two panels fold in on their hinges. They are ideal for your small bathroom as they don’t swing rather fold and slid on their tracks. If bathroom improvement and remodeling is your main goal, then it is highly suggested that you install theses bath screen doors in your washroom as they will not only make your bathroom look spacious, but will leave enough space to install vanity dresser in your washroom.

4- Fixed Shower Door

As the name suggests, these glass panels do not move once they are installed. It is best for those people who have small kids in their house. They can safely leave their kids inside a fixed shower door and go get their shower gel from the vanity dresser without the fear that the door will automatically swing with a little push by the kid. Moreover, if you have a stunning looking shower and want to show it off to your friends and relatives, without the hassle of opening the door every time you enter or exit it, then fixed glass doors are a perfect match for your bathroom. Fixed shower doors look contemporary and leave enough amount of open space so that you can easily get in and out of the bath.

5- Pivot Doors

It is a swinging door and allows the door to ion from both sides. They usually swing at 180 so that they can swing equally in either direction. You can get the hinge attached on one side of the door or even can mount it in the care to transform it into the revolving shower door.
These type of door are gaining huge popularity among masses and are usually installed in ultra-modern curved glass door showers.

Final Word:

Nowadays, there are a hundred verities of glass shower door available in the market for your bathroom. Choose wisely and install one that fits perfectly well in your budget and will look great in your bathroom.